Fakenham Foot Care offers a free foot health assessment and treatment plan. This allows the client to discuss any problems and concerns with a fully qualified, insured practitioner before committing to paying for treatment. Many clinics and practitioners charge an increased fee for this service.
There is no obligation to follow an assessment with treatment. You can choose to book in at a later date, or not to take up the practitioner's recommendations. An example of this- where a family member thought Dad should have his feet done but on assessment it was obvious he was still managing and really wanted to continue to do so.
An assessment begins with a few general health questions and observations that may have a bearing on your foot health. Certain conditions such as diabetes or psoriasis can affect the way you are treated. Certain medications can influence the methods chosen to treat you.
This is followed by a visual examination. Observing temperature, colour and condition of the skin, on all surfaces of the feet and between the toes can indicate possible issues. Most common complaints are diagnosed at this point.
A treatment plan is then discussed detailing any problems, the method of treatment and duration. Verrucae, for example could need a long term treatment plan. Chronic callous and corns may also need regular treatments.
General foot care usually takes place six weekly, or in line with the client's wishes and practitioner's advice. The client will also be advised of any extra charges prior to treatment. Routine appointments cost £27. 
(Extra charges may be made for intense treatments, or treatment needing different medicaments or custom made items to increase comfort such as orthotics.)