Preventative Foot Care

Looking after your feet should be as much a part of your daily routine as cleaning your teeth.

Feet should be washed daily, either in the bath or shower or in a foot spa or bowl.

Drying feet thoroughly is very important especially between the toes– the most common place for skin conditions such as athlete’s foot to develop due to trapped moisture. 

Massage feet with an oil or cream based moisturiser, concentrating on dry areas but avoiding between the toes.

Cut toenails straight across and file any sharp edges, file ragged nails, do not try to cut them if they are already short. Treat any hard skin with exfoliation, moisturisation and a foot file (not a razor blade!!)

Check  that footwear fits properly and is smooth inside. Change hosiery daily. Wear appropriate footwear for the task, eg trainers for the gym, walking shoes or boots for distance, comfortable, supportive shoes for daily wear.

.. . . . . and finally!

Never attempt to treat hard skin, corns, ingrown  toenails, verrucae or bunions yourself. Visit your foot care practitioner for professional advice and a variety of treatments.