Verrucae and warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and can be very difficult to treat. They are caused by the HPV entering the skin, sometimes through lesions too small to be seen.
The virus thrives in warm, moist atmospheres, in swimming pools and showers for example. They are very contagious, so it is important for sufferers to be aware of this, and take precautions to stop them spreading. They can also spread from one foot to another, if conditions allow.

The main difference is that warts tend to appear on the hands, and verrucae on the feet. It is worth noting that some will disappear by themselves with no treatment.

There are different types of verruca, from a single occurrence, to large areas of the feet being covered.


As a general rule, if your verruca isn't causing you pain, it is best left to see if it will go naturally.

However, when they do become painful there are a variety of treatments available, from simple duct tape to various topical treatments to cryosurgery and laser. 

Method of treatment, and a treatment plan will be agreed at your first visit with Fakenham Foot Care. If you are diabetic, you will be asked to consult your GP before treatment commences.