Diabetics are at high risk of complications with the feet. Of all client groups, diabetics are among the most vunerable.

Any new diabetic client, presenting with existing problems, would be asked to visit their GP for approval before any treatment can begin, except for our routine foot care package- i.e. nail trim, file, hard skin treatment and moisture massage.

The main problem encountered with the diabetic foot is neuropathy, a loss of feeling in the extremities, most importantly the lower legs and feet, due to damage of the nerves. This means that a diabetic could stand on a sharp object and be totally unaware until it becomes apparent, by an obvious discolouration, or by discharge in footwear. At this point the client could already be at risk of serious infection, which could lead to gangrene, and ultimately, amputation.

It is vitally important to take care of your feet with a daily routine to minimize the risk of complications. It is equally important to attend all clinic appointments with your local NHS.
In addition  to neuropathy,  diabetics often have compromised circulation, leading to dry skin and brittle nails. This condition also leads to poor healing as the blood supply is ineffective.

If you suffer from diabetes you must try to keep your glucose levels stable, and take care of yourself. It is vital that you seek help from your GP if you have any new health issues, or a sore that does not start to heal within 24 hours.

Fakenham Foot Care can discuss these issues with you, and help you to stay healthy.